One of the most dreaded parts of starting or operating a business is writing the business plan. 

Most people are experts at what they do, or have exceptional products that have a market, or maybe aren't sure if what they are thinking makes sense. That's why we are here. Our company has written a lot of business plans for our own internal use, and for clients who may be struggling with how to put down on paper what they are thinking. 

Our goal is to provide you with honest feedback, and the talent needed to capture what you want to do with your venture, and massage that into a cohesive plan that clearly explains your business so a lender, investor, or even members of your management team can all be on the same page.

So the question is, are you following the 5W1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) process of creating your plan? Or are you having trouble putting down in writing what you hope to do and how you will do it?

We'll be glad to consult with you- a 30 minute consultation is at no cost, and if we both come to the conclusion that our company can help you on the road to a solid plan, then we are ready to jump in.